La Casita Fundraiser 2016.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is helping the Firefighters and Police of Puerto Vallarta to furnish a Bomberos and Police substation at the second entrance to Conchas Chinas.  This substation will help with any incident/accident/fire/medical emergency  in less than half the time than the main Police and Bomberos stations would.  The area that will benefit will be from Emiliano Zapata to Sierra del Mar. Our goal is to have 24 hrs. Police/Ambulance/Firefighter personnel right next to our neighborhood. Furnishing this substation with a work room, receiving area, kitchenette, showers and bunks beds is the first step to house these personnel!

We are glad to inform that “La Casita Fundraiser” exceeds our goal: $7,532.00 dlls. has been raised toward the original goal of $5500 USD. The fundraiser was held February 29, 2016 at Fusion Gourmet.