Thanks for attending the 2018 ANA Dinner Dance!  We hope you enjoyed your evening at the River Cafe and the entertainment.  Each meal was perfectly prepared to high standards meeting a variety of dietary restrictions.  River Cafe rose to the occasion where each meal was prepared perfectly and so beautifully presented. 
The Dinner Dance Committee worked hard to make the night a special one.  Appreciation and congratulations to Robin Spencer, Jim Davis, Pam Hoffman, Viviana Teston and Diego Villalobos. 
On behalf of the ANA Board we appreciate your support.  Thanks for actively participating in the frivolity and dancing along where you certainly demonstrated you are the movers and shakers of the Amapas community. 

Thanks for choosing to spend an evening with us and to help us continue to make a positive difference in our little piece of paradise.

As we approach the darkest night of the year, we wish you the early arrival of light and warmth filled with family and friends. 

Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for the new year!