Pulpito Drag Derby 2017

This year’s fourth annual Pulpito Drag Derby, a major event in Vallarta Pride, was, by all accounts, a big success.  Attendance nearly doubled at our ‘block party’ from 2016, filling Calle Pulpito from Olas Altas to Amapas with so many spectators that they became an extra obstacle  during the Drag Race.

New Challenges this year included ‘Lip Sync 4 Your Life’ and a 40-foot Climbing Wall, but popular Challenges from last year – The Donald Trump Pinata Bash and Live-Action Squirt Gun Gallery – returned, delighting (and sometimes soaking) the crowd.

A fund-raising event for the Amapas Nieghborhood Association and Amapas Junta Vecinal, with all proceeds going to Beach & Business Area improvements, the Derby generated over $62,000 Pesos for our streets & infrastructure.