Annual Meeting Minutes 2011



2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Tobe Jensen reported on the Amapas HOA 2010 accomplishments which included increased police patrols in Amapas and forming a partnership with the Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood Association (EZNA) for more effective communication with City government agencies. A complete list of accomplishments is posted on the Amapas HOA website: www.amapaspv.com Neighborhood watch signs were made available to attendees. Irma Gittelson was recognized for her work as our liaison with the EZNA Board. Currently, Irma is working to establish regular garbage service along Calle Hortesias.

3. POLICE REPORT: From Rigoberto Espinoza Valdez, Supervisor of Municipal Police. Rigoberto began by saying that security is everyone’s responsibility adding that he personally promises to ensure that resources are available to patrol Conchas Chinas and Amapas. Patrols in this area will begin on Wednesday. Casa Cupula praised Rigoberto for his responsiveness and personal handling of a recent incident. Rigoberto reported an increase in home robberies and suggested private security patrols such as Victor Cueva of Servitec tel. 22 2 30 98. Make sure to conduct a background check on private security companies. Rigoberto was thanked for his presentation and applauded for his commitment and good service. He is available at 322 129-1665. Rigoberto had additional security tips which can be found at: www.amapaspv.com in education.

4. FINANCIAL REPORT for 2010 stated $21,785 pesos as a balance.

5. OFFICERS WERE ELECTED FOR 2011 (please see Officer Bios at website)

6. WEBSITE REPORT: Rolf reported on the information available on the member website and asked for help with Facebook . He encouraged us to forward to him, names of recommended service providers as well as local businesses wishing to participate in the support our neighborhood sponsor program.

7. SECOND YEAR PARTNERSHIP APPROVED: With Emiliano Zapata Association which calls for 50% of AHOA dues to go to EZNA.


• Noise emitting from Callejon de Igualdad from businesses and groups that are there. Banda music from clubs coming up the hill.

• Hillside eroding on Hortencias side coming up from Loma Linda. Already reported.

• Mail delivery to Villas de la Colina II. May not be able to assist with that.

• Garbage collection service at Villas de la Colina II, Las Moradas, end of Calle Gardenias, and Los Pinos.

• Parking at Pulpito 105 (along law office building) and Los Pinos.

• Lighting along Mexico Caretera 200

• Lighting at Volvox Amapas I project – too much and too bright. Standing water and debris at the site.

9. HIGHWAY STATUS REPORT: Carlos Osuna Saez presented a proposed “super highway route” immediately to the east of Amapas. A follow-up meeting with Osuna was suggested and will be scheduled. At the suggestion of Carlos it was decided to join the Asociacion Pro Vallarta Sur, AC for 1200 pesos a year and to set up a meeting between our Board and City officials to find a way to earmark our tax dollars for this project.

Carlos then described his association and their involvement in an existing project to resurface roads from asphalt to concrete, from Basilio Badillio to Mismaloya which would provide for a bus, taxi and bike lanes, a sidewalk, a turn lane and placement of utility lines underground. Our property taxes could be earmarked for the design phase of the project. (wm. note: Meeting scheduled for 2/15/11 4 pm Casa Cupula – see website)

10. SOLICITATION OF VOLUNTEERS: to Help on the Different Projects Glenn Walsh, Villas de la Colina II, volunteered to serve on a committee to oppose the proposed new highway route. Susan Wiseman will work with Irma on identifying garbage collection service sites.