Annual Meeting Minutes 2012

Annual General Meeting January 13, 2012 Paradise Community Center

Asociation de Vecinos De La Colonia  Amapas

Annual General Meeting January 13, 2012 Paradise Community Center


Meeting was called to order at 10:22 AM by Susan Wiseman.  Susan introduced the Board Members;  Tobe Jensen President,  Susan Wiseman Treasurer, Pat Kelly Member at Large, Rolf Engstrom Website and Membership Chair.  Irma Gittelson Vice President, Robert Villegas Secretary and David Lord Member at Large were absent.

  1. 1.      Appointment of the President and Secretary of the Assembly

Susan Wiseman was nominated by Jim Davis and 2nd by Ron Powell to serve as President of the Assembly – person who will chair the meeting.  The motion carried.  Susan then nominated Myrna Morton-Brown as meeting Secretary.

  1. 2.      Appointment of Vote Tellers

Gardner Tonigan and Bill Amundson served as vote counters.

  1. 3.      Quorum and Legal Convening of the Assembly

Susan Wiseman convened the assembly at 10:26 AM.

Welcoming remarks were made by Pastor Ric Lehman of Paradise Community Center.  He advised that the whole community of Vallarta was welcome to use the venue.  He encouraged the members of the Assembly to support the activities and events held at the center as all profits go to CompassioNet Impact which is a non-profit charity that provides opportunities for people living in chronic poverty to transform their own lives.

  1. 4.      Approval of Minutes from 2011

Call for a Vote.  Charlie Bishop moved to approve the 2011 General Meeting Minutes.  Seconded by Gardner Tonigan.  Motion carried without opposition.

  1. 5.      Report From the President

Tobe Jensen began by explaining that Emiliano Zapata Association representatives would not be presenting a report due to the length of the meeting agenda however, two folders of before and after pictures taken during the projects which they participated in were passed around for the members of the Assembly to view.

Tobe then singled out some members of the 2011 Board for their great efforts.

Irma Gittelson for her tenacity in dealing with the Pinnacle Project downsizing.

David Lord for his most important efforts in the area of Security including pursing discounts for security systems.  These discounts will be listed on the website.

Rolf Engstrom (the only returning board member) for his work initiating Community Coordinators and Sponsorship Program.  Rolf then introduced several of the Sponsors that were at the Assembly:

Juan Carlos Corvera of El Dorado Restaurant; Don Pickens owner of Taste Restaurant; Gene Mendoza owner of Fusion Gourmet Restaurant.

Tobe gave the following highlights from the 2011 List of Accomplishments:

Pinnacle Project

After many meetings, often weekly, it is believed that the results were good.  There was a dramatic size reduction in both the height and sub-level depth of the project from 14 stories down to 7 stories.

Road Work Projects

A contract was made with Transito to improve street safety by painting yellow zones, putting in no-parking signs and hanging convex mirrors on Los Pinos and Hortencias.   Worked with Obras Publicas to fill potholes and remove landslides on Hortencias.   These works should be completed by mid- January 2012.

A complete list of accomplishments is posted on the Amapas HOA website at www. Amapaspv.com.

  1. 6.      Financial Report for 2011 and Proposed Budget for 2012 Expenses

Susan Wiseman reported that a total of 70,000.00 pesos were received including dues and sponsorships.  Expenses totaled 78,092.00 with the largest expense being payment to Emiliano Zapata HOA.  At the end of the year there was a balance of 9,690 pesos.  These pesos were earmarked for the road work which started the 1st week of 2012.  A full detailed report can be viewed upon request to the new Treasurer, Don Pickens.

There was a question from the floor asking about the 2011 tax monies that were earmarked for the Highway 200 project.  Susan explained that by the time Carlos Asuna advised the 2011 Assembly, most homeowners had already paid their taxes.  She advised that she had spoken with Sr. Asuna and was told that although no official statement has been made, the bypass project will be located further inland and will take 7-10 years to complete.

The proposed budget for 2012 expenses was outlined by Tom Swale under Item 8.

Call for a Vote.  Gardner Tonigan moved to approve the Financial Report.  Seconded by Bill Amundson.  Motion carried without opposition.


  1. 7.      Election of the Board of Directors for 2012

Comments from the floor:

Before the vote took place, Jim Davis made comments regarding the mass exodus of the 2011 board and the make up of the proposed Board.  He was concerned that having too many business persons might lean board decisions to favoring businesses not homeowners.  Tobe advised that the association was a neighborhood association therefore businesses had the right to be members and serve on the Board.  Ron Steckbauer spoke from the floor advising that the mix of homeowners and business owners was advantageous for all, that is, not only for money but for the additional contacts that could be helpful to achieve our goals.

There was also a question as to why there was a change from 7 members on the 2011 Board and now only 5 for the 2012 Board.  The answer was given by Susan that the 2011 board added 2 positions by vote in a Board meeting but it was not made official.

Tom Swale introduced the proposed Board Members and advised that our goals were to use the base that was built by the outgoing Board’s hard work to further achievements in the areas of Security, Road Safety and Maintenance, and Development Control.

Call for a Vote:

The following persons were elected by member vote:

President                            Tom Swale                         Unanimous vote

Secretary                            Myrna Morton-Brown     Unanimous vote

Treasurer                            Don Pickens                       31 yes; 2 opposed

Member @ Large             Gene Mendoza                  31 yes; 1 opposed

Membership/Website      Rolf Engstrom                   Unanimous vote


  1. 8.      New Business

New Board President Tom Swale again outlined the priorities of the 2012 board.  They are:  Security, Road Safety and Maintenance, and Development Control. To help achieve our goals, it is the intent to hire an Administrator who would be part time but here year round to cover the business at hand at the direction of the Board.  A preliminary budget for the 2012 agenda was given as follows:

Pesos                   Subject

48,000                  Security Patrols

15,000                  Safety and Street Maintenance

57,000                  Development Control (Plan Parcial)

11,500                  Fixed Costs (Office, Legal, Accounting,etc.)

60,000                  Administrator

191,500               TOTAL


Don Pickens, Treasurer, then advised that we could not achieve our goals if we were to continue at our current membership levels and dues remain at 1,000 pesos per household.  In order to take in more monies, we need to do some or all of the following:

Double our membership at current dues rate and/or increase the annual dues, for example: per number of bed rooms per household a la Conchas Chinas

Have every member consider contributing more than the current dues

Increase sponsorship dues to 2 times that of household dues (2,000 pesos)

  1. 9.      Review of our Association with Emiliano Zapata Association

Tobe announced at the beginning of The President’s Report that the 2011 Board voted not to continue to partner with Emiliano Zapata.  She explained that there was no benefit realized except the meetings with City Hall.  The Board felt that it was no longer necessary to give up 50% of the total budget to EZ plus the costs of any city work done at our request.  We now have the knowledge therefore we no longer need the relationship and the new Board can use these monies to hire an Administrator who would take on the responsibilities that EZ should have but did not accomplish.  She requested the membership to support the new Board and their vision.


  1. 10.   Proposal and Vote to Grant the Treasurer and Any Other Board Member as Decided By the Board the Power to Sign on the Existing Bank Account and to Continue to do the Banking for the Association

Call for a Vote.  Pat Kelly moved that we grant the Treasurer and any other board member as decided by the Board to sign on the existing Bank Account and to continue to do the Banking for the Association.      Betty Hibbs 2nd the motion.  The motion passed without opposition.


  1. 11.   Nomination of Representative to Formalize the Meeting minutes before the Notary

The membership unanimously voted to have Don Pickens notarize and file the meeting minutes.

  1. 12.   Set Date for the 2013 Annual Meeting

Our next general meeting will be held on Friday, January 11, 2013.


Before the meeting was adjourned, Tom passed out index cards to the membership and Don asked that they write down their main priorities of concern (i .e., security, road maintenance, development and administrator) and attach a peso amount that they would be willing to pay for each item and/or what additional amount they would make as a contribution to help accomplish the goals of the Association.  He also asked the membership to give an amount of new members and/or sponsors they were willing to recruit into the membership.  The data will be compiled and analyzed and reported back to the membership in the near future.

Don Pickens advised the membership of the new cell phone number for Rigoberto Espinoza Valdez, Supervisor of Municipal Police. The number is 322 145-1246.  A direct number to the police dispatch is forthcoming.  These numbers will be posted on the website at www.amapaspv.com.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Respectfully submitted,


Myrna Morton-Brown