ANA members can present their current membership cards at many of Vallarta’s best restaurants, bars, shops and medical professionals to receive a special discount, often 10-15% off your bill.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do your homework: Some restaurants only discount food, not drinks, etc.  Some offer other benefits as well.  When in doubt, check our website – – for details.
  • Show your membership card up front when ordering or purchasing. This little step helps communications and keeps the cashier from having to refigure the bill.  The wait-staff doesn’t always know the rules, so showing your card up-front takes care of any questions at the start.
  • Don’t be a Big Spender: ANA discounts only apply to card-carrying members and one guest, not your six visiting relatives from Portland.
  • Don’t expect to double-dip.  Generally a business will only honor one discount at a time – you may have to choose between Two-for-One Drinks and your ANA discount.
  • Pay in cash.  Most credit card companies charge businesses a percentage.  If you use your credit card and request the discount, the business loses money.
  • Figure the tip based on the amount prior to discount.  It’s the waiter’s livelihood, and with the discount, we can afford to be a little generous.

Remembering these simple rules respects participating businesses, who in turn will keep welcoming us back.

Sometimes ownership, management, or rules change, or the Night Manager doesn’t get the memo.  If a business declines to honor our posted discount, let us know at – we’ll sort it out and report back to you.

Finally, we all have our favorite places for a quick bite, a special evening, or a spinal adjustment.  If your favorite place isn’t on our Member Benefits list, ask them if they’d be interested in joining the program so more ANA members can discover them, too.  Then drop us a note at