What is “Responsible Development”?

Responsible Development – what it means & how it works

Amapas residents and the ANA don’t want Amapas to go the way of Acapulco, with wall-to-wall tall buildings eating up the hillsides, overshadowing the beach and town, and overtaxing our sewers, water supply, streets and parking.

This doesn’t mean ‘no growth’ – it means growth that respects the neighbors, the neighborhood and the local laws.It’s the goal of the Amapas Neighborhood Association to encourage Responsible Development, which means supporting and enforcing local zoning and building laws designed to keep new construction from overwhelming the natural beauty and the capacity of Amapas to sustain a relaxed, uncrowded and comfortable lifestyle.

Responsible Development is about being good, respectful neighbors and adding to the community, not just taking advantage of what’s here or spoiling it.

What You Can Do

Check with ANA if the new project you are considering buying in is a Responsible Development.  Ultimately, projects that break density and height limits are built due to a lack of City control, and because they are profitable for developers.  The ANA hopes to provide factual information to buyers, and encourage them to support projects that comply with the “Plan Parcial” zoning laws.  If you’re not sure about a project, ask us!  Just write to info@amapaspv.com