Zoning Laws or “Plan Parcial”

The Amapas Plan Parcial

New construction in Amapas is governed by the “District 9 Plan Parcial”, passed into law in September, 2012.  The Plan Parcial sets limits on a new building’s ‘footprint’ on its property, its size and height.  It also requires some setback from the street and a minimum nunber of off-street parking places.

The Plan Parcial is not an arbitrary set of rules.  It’s the product of years of exhaustive study, taking into consideration our unique topography and development history, and is based on Mexican and Jalisco State laws.

A violation of the Plan Parcial is a threat to what we treasure about this special place, and the Association fights for its enforcement.  Please check the link above for a copy of the Plan Parcial map.  If you have a question about what is legally permitted in a lot, write us at info@amapaspv.com and we can get you connected with our Urban Development consultant to learn what’s permissible.