Safety | Seguridad

Security is one of ANA’s top priorities.  We pay for the cost of a patrol car which is staffed by Puerto Vallarta Municipal and Transito police for exclusive patrol of Amapas.  Amapas members may call the police car directly via cellphone.  For the private phone number, please email us. In case of emergency, dial 066 for help


While a greater police presence in the neighborhood has brought increased safety (and a dramatic reduction in break-ins), it has the potential to be a mixed blessing.  ANA is working hard to monitor police behavior in our neighborhood to make sure that the police are consistently working on behalf of our residents. If you have any problems with our Amapas patrol,  please email Amapas Board Member Gene Mendoza at  In case of an emergency or a house robbery call gene at his cell number 322-131-5738

If you have problems with police in general in Puerto Vallarta (whether it be with the Amapas patrol or anyone else) ,we urge you to make a report at, which is supported by the ANA.  This group follows up infractions by police or taxis in PV and encourages you to take a taxi home at night to get home safely. The greater specificity you can provide (names, locations, badge numbers) the better. Taxi Safe is making a difference, but can only do so if people speak up!  For news and more information about Security, click here.