Consultation meetings

ANA is serious in our commitment to make Amapas a better, safer, cleaner, more beautiful place.

We hosted 2 Consultation meetings on 2016 and early 2017, at ‘Taste’ Restaurant to help us do just that.

We need to hear from our members and condo buildings in our colonia – your concerns, your complaints, your suggestions – so we can act on them in the coming months or include them in our action plan for 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you on our next meetings —e91b9b44-e904-4d8d-8fc0-e00c81e6af68 e2c3f2c7-3eb7-4fe1-948d-513faea3e6f6 (1) dfe0b39e-cd35-47be-9694-472ca81fed01 b7661ea6-fa50-4f98-87bd-9d2a7c956c25 1d6cbe45-16ae-4322-ba1b-e908b0034d59