Amapas Neighborhood Association


ANA Fighting for Responsible Development

In 2012 the ANA was responsible for passing a new “Plan Parcial”, defining development limits in Amapas.  All new permits must be issued against this plan, which more strictly defines development in terms of density and height.  Now, the ANA is fighting to refine and enforce this plan.  We need your help.  Please visit this […]

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ANA Patrol Car, Always on Duty!

Security is paramount to the ANA. In 2012, members generously donated the funds required to purchase and outfit a suitable vehicle for local police to be able to patrol Amapas 24/7. “After patrols were initiated in the summer of 2012, reported home burglaries in Amapas dropped by 90% compared to the previous year,” said Gene Mendoza, […]

Amapas Infrastructure Mission

ANA President, Tom Swale, addressed the membership at a cocktail party that took place this past April 5, and explained the ANA’s most important new initiative, AIM As its acronym suggests, the Amapas Infrastructure Mission’s goal is to AIM higher by improving neighborhood, streets, lighting, and other important needs that make Amapas more livable for its residents. To learn […]

Security Tips

MEXICO HOME SECURITY TIPS PRESENTED AT RECENT CONCHUS CHINAS HOA MEETING     Here is the advice developed by Luis Salazar & Harry Reifschneider for the Conchas Chinas Homeowners. The English is followed by a Spanish translation. Security suggestions for Mexico Homeowners Residents have expressed a lot of concern over what seems to be an […]