Amapas Neighborhood Association

ANA Board Approves Additional Administrative Budget for Junta Vecinal

June 14, 2013 PUERTO VALLARTA:  At its regular Board meeting today, the Board of the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA, Asociacion de Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas, A.C.) voted to allocate funds to additional administrative help to get its new work as a Junta Vecinal underway. Specifically, the Board voted to allocate $18,000 pesos to cover […]

Amapas Landslide Tour An E-Ticket!

One of the first benefits of the new Amapas Junta Vecinal was a recent (and long-awaited) ‘tour’ by City officials of the rock- and mudslides that have accumulated on Gardenias, Hortensias, and Callejon de la Igualdad, creating traffic problems and occasional two-lane ‘lakes’. On May 28, ANA member and Las Moradas resident Michael Baietti took  […]


It’s been a busy month.  On May 24, Board member in charge of Security Gene Mendoza hosted a breakfast meeting with the new Sub-director of Police, Ernesto Ojinaga; Comandante of  Transito, Jose Campoy; and Transito Sub-Director Everardo Rubio, to review recent Amapas Patrol performance and work for improvements.   Gene stated that, while area break-ins […]


It’s official: In May 2013, the City approved the Amapas Junta Vecinal!   With the same geographic  boundaries as the ANA, but representing all colonia residents (not just ANA members), our Junta Vecinal is entitled to special recognition and cooperation with the City and its many departments – all facilitated by the Office of Citizen Participation. […]