Amapas Neighborhood Association

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Puerto Vallarta Chief of Police and District Attorney Reach Out to ANA for Collaboration on Crime Prevention

VEA is Vallarta’s new neighborhood-based crime prevention program.  Sort of a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ on steroids, providing instant reporting via Whatsapp, VEA is an acronym for Vecinos En Alerta – ‘Neighbors on the Lookout’ – and Amapas has been invited to participate. Our first VEA meeting with the police, February 3, was hosted by ‘Taste’ Restaurant.  […]

Homeless Animals

Amapas area has become popular for people who can no longer keep pets to just dump them on the beach or in the Conchas Chinas area and near Pemex. Most of these dogs and some cats are not street animals and have no chance of survival on their own. Most are friendly and in desperate […]