We are the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) : residents and business-owners – both Mexicans and ex-pats – working together to improve our quality of life through improvements in Security, Streets and Infrastructure, and Responsible Development.

We are the official ‘voice’ of Amapas at City Hall, and work with the City when we can, but try to do for the neighborhood what the City often does not.  We do this through public-private partnerships, by working with other organizations,  and by ‘bootstrapping’ with our own initiative and resources. The ANA consists of Administrator Viviana Testón, and is run by a Board of Directors.  All are VOLUNTEERS who contribute our time, talents, energy – and, yes, dinero – to the goal of making things better in Amapas. The more active members we have, the louder our collective voice, and the more we can get done for the neighborhood.

ANA Mission

The ANA mission is to improve the quality of life in Amapas, which has the side-benefit of also maintaining and improving our property values.  We do that by focusing on Security, Streets and Development Control.  A large, informed and active membership is vital to our continued success, so constant communication through this website and frequent ANA e-blasts to our members is crucial.

All that sounds like a lot of work – and it is.  But we lighten the load and foster a sense of neighborhood through our Social & Special Events, including special ‘Amapas Nights Out’  at local restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as various meetings, public forums and Fundraisers.

Read on through this website to learn about our accomplishments. In addition to this website, you can follow us and comment with other neighbors on our Facebook page.  We also send a regular email update to members.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association needs the support – and membership – of every resident to continue making a difference here – if you haven’t done so already, join today!

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My love affair with Puerto Vallarta began in October 1983 when my husband, Steve, and I came to celebrate our honeymoon. As our family grew we would visit Puerto Vallarta with our daughters and they came to know the city as their home away from home especially as we celebrated the holidays.


Robert Howell, Secretary, has had a 40 year career in healthcare and educational administration in the USA. He is an author and has consulted in numerous settings in organizational development. He first visited Puerto Vallarta in 1970


ANA Treasurer, has a background in global businesses, holding senior executive roles with companies like Chalmers Suspensions International Inc., LEGO, DHL, Crayola, Western Publishing, and Tonka International.


Robin Spencer is a Vocal member of the Board of ANA, and social interaction liaison. She has lived full time in PV for 14 years and moved from Boulder Colorado. She has volunteered to ANA for many years, and watched ANA evolve in to what it is today.


Viviana Testón, is the Administrator of the Amapas Neighborhood association, she is a Mexican attorney, born in 1980, in Mexico City, she has been in PV since 1986, she feels like a real Pata Salada (a proud Vallartan).


Hortensias 115, Colonia Amapas
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México 48399
+52 322 244 0185




Like many other neighborhood organizations, the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA), is doing what it can to help our fellow neighbors after the destruction brought onto our beloved city of Puerto Vallarta. Today ANA provided a roasted chicken lunch and a beverage to those workers who have been working diligently cleaning up the tons of mud and debris in the downtown area. ANA Administrator, Viviana Testón, loaded up her car with roasted chickens from Pollo Ranchero on Libramiento.

With the assistance of the La Guardia Nacional, Viviana was able to bring the food down to those who are working nonstop in this restricted area.

Funds were provided through the PAVE project where the focus is on providing food to locals while benefitting local businesses. Robin Spencer, Vocal, lead our Board in the initiation of the original PAVE program.