Yes, we know that topes can be a pain in the… suspension.  And, yes, thanks to Transito, we have some new ones on our highway.  But they serve a purpose: preventing accidents, saving lives.  And these particular topes are a ‘three-fer.’

ANA doesn’t just wave a magic wand and make things happen…though we often wish we could.  We have to formally petition for City approval and action with explanations and photographs.  Like many prayers, ours aren’t always answered, and when they are, we often need to pay, or at least contribute substantially, for the improvements we request.

That’s the case with the new topes on Highway 200 at Callejon de la Igualdad.  We made the request for three reasons: 1) members who use the crosswalk often have to dodge the speeding cars, taxis and trucks that whiz around the blind curve at high speed.  2) The beer store on the corner draws customers who often park helter-skelter, blocking the Callejon and making it hard or impossible for cars and taxis to turn off the highway…making them sitting ducks for the next speeding driver to come around the curve.  3) If you’re heading into town on the highway and want to make a left-turn onto Calle Pulpito, you often have to wait for oncoming traffic or the cars and taxis already lined up on Pulpito to clear.  Because of the blind curve behind you (see #2, above), you’re a sitting duck for the next driver to rear-end you.

Transito has promised to paint and monitor the new topes, as well as both intersections.  In the meantime, we hope we’ve improved three traffic-safety and pedestrian issues with a handful of topes.