Adopt A Pulpito Plaza Planter

Plano Jardineras001


Earlier this year, the Amapas Junta Vecinal raised $50,000 pesos for construction materials to build new planters, replace old sidewalk paving, and make other improvements at the intersection of Calle Pulpito and Olas Altas.

With construction labor provided by Puerto Vallarta’s Obras Publicas, the planters are now complete, and it’s time to fill them with beautiful, colorful plants! The Junta needs to raise $60,000 pesos ($4,800 USD) for good planting soil, the plants themselves, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Here’s how you, your friends, family or business can help:

  • Adopt an entire planter (‘Full Share’ – $20,000 pesos = $1,600USD)

       and be recognized with your name or inscription on the planter’s only ceramic plaque.

  • Adopt half a planter (‘Half Share’ – $10,000 pesos = $800USD) and your name(s) will appear on one of only two plaques on that planter.
  • Adopt a quarter planter (‘Quarter Share’ $5,000 pesos = $400USD) and your name(s) will share a plaque with just one other contributor.
  • Adopt an eighth planter (‘Eighth Share’ $2,500 pesos = $200USD), and your name(s) will share a plaque with 3 other contributors.

Immortalize your contribution to Pulpito Plaza in tile – share one plaque forever with your spouse or partner, or with friends – go in together and buy a Half-Share or Quarter-Share as a couple, two couples, or a group!

Contribute now! Contact ANA Administrator Oscar Magana at, or phone him at 322 120 6666 for more information.