Amapas Patrol Car Totaled

Patrol PV 170 - wrecked - January 9 2014PUERTO VALLARTA January 9, 2014:  The Amapas Neighborhood Association was notified today by Puerto Vallarta Municipal Police Comandante Felipe Camacho that Patrol Car PV-170 which was purchased by the Amapas Neighborhood Association and was by contract to be dedicated to patrolling the Amapas neighborhood, was totaled in a crash by police today.

According to this article, apparently the car met its untimely end when police officers were chasing a kidnapping suspect in the Versailles neighborhood and the car crashed into a pole after hitting another car. According to the article sadly four policemen Cesar Armando Guadiana, Epigmenio Simón Cecilio and Jorge Armando Alcaraz Briseño were injured and reported taken to the hospital but are in stable condition although the assailants escaped.

The car has been used by the police for some time outside of the Amapas boundaries, despite the protestations of the ANA Board, because the city is short of patrol cars.  Subdirector of Police Ernesto Ojinaga promised the ANA Board that new cars would be operational in Puerto Vallarta by year’s end, and that two cars would be dedicated to patrol Amapas in addition to the return of PV-170.  However, as of this date no police cars have yet been delivered to the city, although they are still due “any day now.”

By contract with the city the car is to be insured by the city, and the ANA Board is beginning legal inquiries to find out about the disposition of value of the vehicle to the ANA. As this is a new development and investigations are in progress, the ANA Board cannot yet decide on next steps, but expects to report on this topic to the members at the general meeting on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 10 am at Paradise Community Center.