The public stairs from the Highway to the beach at Calle Almendro, used by many residents and visitors, are now wider, safer, and have a new hand-rail, thanks to ANA’s “50-50-50” Program.

An ANA member, concerned about the dangerous condition of these narrow, old brick stairs, asked ANA to see what could be done.  We took a look, and got to work.

In partnership with City Hall’s Obras Publicas, which contributed the labor (50% of such projects), ANA split the cost of construction materials and supervision (50%+50%) with our neighbors in Suites Claudia and Villa Blanca, making an otherwise expensive neighborhood improvement project affordable for all the participants.

ANA is always working on the beautification and improvements of colonia Amapas, thanks to the annual dues and contributions of its members.

ANA has other “50-50-50” projects in the works.  If you have a neighborhood improvement idea in mind and would like to be part of this program, contact us at