Amapas Neighborhood Association

Loss is a terrible thing.  It can also be an opportunity to look at things differently. Such is the case with the sudden death of ANA President Tom Swale.   There are no rules in ANA’s current by-laws to specify succession.  As a result, ANA is currently operating without a legal representative.  Even though Sylvia Toy, current ANA Board member, was selected by her fellow Board members to be the interim president, she cannot act as ANA’s legal representative.  Additionally, several Board members have been replaced and they need to be approved.

The solution presents itself in an Extraordinary Meeting.  It has been scheduled for October 20th.

We recognize that many of our members are not currently in Puerto Vallarta; therefore, the use of a proxy will need to be used.  We will email the official notice and proxy to each member.  Members should sign the proxy, scan it, and then email back to ANA.  Upon your return to Puerto Vallarta, please plan on providing the original proxy for ANA’s records.

So, ANA will send you the email on October 1st..  We’ll give you 10 days to get it back to us.  For those of you in town, we’ll be holding the Extraordinary Meeting on  October 20th..  More details to follow.