For several years, the Big Yellow Dumpster near the highway instersection served as a distinctive and unattractive landmark – a trash collection point for the neighbors, but also for ‘drive-by dumpers’ who would pull off the highway and add to the pile of trash already spilling out onto the ground.  Since the recent removal of the dumpster, trash has continued to accumulate.


ANA representatives working with the City and neighbors have proposed a three-point plan to reduce the Los Pinos trash problem:

  1. Relocate the Big Yellow Dumpster next to its sister, the Conchas Chinas dumpster, located at a wider spot farther down the highway;
  2. Request more frequent City trash pick-ups at Los Pinos, and
  3. Construct a secure trash containment structure at the intersection to keep trash out of sight and safe from trash-pickers who go through the plastic bags at all hours, often leaving spilled trash on the street.

ANA Streets Consultant, Ruben Carillo, has produced a simple and clean-lined design for the trash container, the ANA Board has allocated funds to pay for materials and supervision of the project, and Obras Publicas has agreed to provide City labor, help with permits, etc.  So far, so good.

However, concerned about obstructing traffic, O.P. has balked at putting the structure on City pavement.  And residents of the condominium on the corner, concerned that a new trash containment structure might make the problem worse, not better, are reluctant to grant permission to build it on a corner of their property.

Everybody involved has taken a step back to consider the options, and how best to solve the Los Pinos trash problem.  We’ll report when there’s new news.