image012A first-ever partnership between the ANA, local residents and a local Developer has resulted in the paving of a 200 square meter section of Calle Gardenia.

On the way to Las Moradas, a curving section of Calle Gardenias near Selvamar’s upper entrance has remained unpaved for years, creating a quagmire during the summer rains, and a mini-dustbowl the rest of the year.  Local residents had long considered doing the paving themselves, but the cost was prohibitive.

But now, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership brokered by ANA Streets Chair Sharon Dunn, the 200 square meter section has been leveled and paved with new cobblestones…and the mud and dust are gone.


With long-distance assistance from Chuck Toops, the ANA was able to partner with La Roca – a local developer running underground utilities in the area – and Full Building Members Las Moradas and Selvamar, plus individual members Nick Lewis and Mario Rodriguez to finance the project.

La Roca put up a third of the costs, with the ANA and the affected neighbors splitting the remainder equally.  The work itself was performed by Victor Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez’s company, V&V Construction.

This project could serve as a model for future improvements in Amapas: the ANA providing organization and ‘seed money’, with individual members and member buildings contributing the rest, on a project by project basis.