Our top priorities this summer are:
Addressing the erosion that threatens Los Pinos.  We are working with Proteccion Civil, Obras Publicas and the property owner, to achieve temporary protection to get us through the summer rains, and a permanent, long-term solution to shore up the street for good.

  1.  Repaving Hortensias.  Thanks to our generous members and neighbors, we have raised $200,000 pesos for construction materials, and are working with Obras Publicas to schedule the work.
  2. Improving Trash Containment/Building Containment Boxes.  We are working with both residential and business owners to put three or four closed containers on the streets to keep black-bagged trash out of sight and ‘out of smell’ between regular trash collection pickups.
  3. Amending, Improving & Reauthorizing District 9’s Plan Parcial.  We are working with independent experts and members of the Planning Department to improve and reauthorize the Plan Parcial, originally passed into law in 2012, to improve responsible development in Amapas.

​All these neighborhood priorities require the permission, cooperation and support of City Hall for successful completion.  Your Board has worked hard to foster good working relationships with City officials.  We’ll do our best to turn that hard-earned goodwill into progress on our four big priorities.