In recognition of your amazing responsiveness to our Association’s needs, your Board has added a new top tier to the levels of financial support recognized on our Wall.  It’s called AMAPAS BENEFACTOR, and recognizes individuals and organizations that give $50,000 pesos or more in support of the ANA’s goals and projects.

jimmyGUnlike other levels, which are tracked and renewed annually, the Amapas Benefactor tier accumulates over time, and may reflect contributions over many years, or – as in the case of our first (and, for now, only) Amapas Benefactor, Jim Gabbert – contributions provided in the space of just a single year.

Last year, Jim volunteered the $1,000 USD that was the sparkplug for December’s ‘Matching Challenge’ at our Horizon Fundraiser.  And his commitment at the Tropicana this March racked up another $39,590 pesos in matching Responsible Development funds, for a total of $52,590 pesos.

Congratulations on becoming our first Amapas Benefactor, Jim, and thanks for your commitment, leadership and support!