It’s been a busy month.  On May 24, Board member in charge of Security Gene Mendoza hosted a breakfast meeting with the new Sub-director of Police, Ernesto Ojinaga; Comandante of  Transito, Jose Campoy; and Transito Sub-Director Everardo Rubio, to review recent Amapas Patrol performance and work for improvements.


Gene stated that, while area break-ins had decreased from last year’s 40, to a mere 4 reports since the Amapas Patrol began, ANA members want to see our Patrol on our own streets – not ticketing motorists on the Carretera or cruising  Emiliano Zapata.  He then went over complaints he had received.  Sub-director Ojinaga said the Police were aware of the problem, had recently made several personnel changes as a result, and would continue to respond to reports of the Patrol being ‘out of area’ or any other performance issues.


Gene raised the possibility of neighborhood ‘check points’ – several hotels, businesses or condo buildings with a 24-hour front desk or Security, scattered around Amapas – where the Patrol would sign in as it makes its rounds.  Sub-director Ojinaga was in favor of this, so in the coming weeks, the Board will identify possible ‘check points’ and work out the details.  The Patrol will then run a ‘trial period’ to see how the new system works.


The police said they would also make an effort to provide at least some bilingual officers and ‘stabilize’ the Patrol staff, so they really get to know our area.


The breakfast meeting was held at ‘Fusion Gourmet’ restaurant.  Also attending for the Association were President Tom Swale and Administrator Jae Palsce.