The Pilitas Stairwell Project, located on Calle Pilitas at Pino Suarez, is a project to restore the Andador Pilitas (staircase) that connects our 2 streets.  This important area was destroyed several years ago during the construction of the Bella Loma condominiums, and was never restored (as originally promised) with a new staircase and green area


With so much new construction happening everywhere in the old town area (and PV in general), small projects like this are important to the integrity of our neighborhoods and vital to the locals. This was originally a city thoroughfare and it is important that we restore it as such, with green areas.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has many other irons in the fire (as shown in their newsletter) but the Pilitas Stairway Project is a top priority.

We are very happy to announce that this past Spring we finally received the permit from the city to proceed with the project.  The ANA and its members of the Pilitas Stairwell Project been working tirelessly with a local architect to render a beautiful, ambitious, (and logistically complicated) project that our neighborhood can be proud of. Furthermore, we will be breaking ground on Monday May 20; (to avoid July’s heavy rains).  A ribbon cutting is planned for Wednesday May 29th.

 We are able to start construction because of the initial generous donation of Nathalie Herling from Art Vallarta of $10,000 USD.  Also, the residents of El Escondido and Canada Romantica have each donated in the amount of $10,000 USD.  We still need to collect the other half of the funds so that we may complete this project in the 2 month timeline.  


*So now we are asking for donations from those of you who live and work in the area (and who would benefit from the restoration of this andador) to help reach our goal of $40,000 USD.  Residents, Realtors, Hotels, and Developers in the area would certainly all benefit from our beautiful staircase.


We invite you to see the attached project plans. The staircase is highlighted with sections in different colors. Each section has a cost and can be dedicated to you or your business.  A ribbon cutting is planned for Wednesday, May 29th.

Art Vallarta is in charge of the tile work and adding names of the donors.  Funds are being managed through ANA so you or your business can receive a factura.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please email us at

Many thanks to those of you who have followed us during this process, for your continued patience and support, and to both the Pilitas Stairwell Project and the ANA staff who have worked so diligently to make this happen!

Thank you in advance for your support and donations for this important project!!!



Your ANA Board


President – Sylvia Toy Treasurer – Don Pickens Secretary – Robert Howell
Vocal – Robin Spencer Vocal – Grant Gillham Vocal – Loryn Walker
Vocal – open

 After dedicating seven years on the ANA Board, Gene Mendoza, Vocal for Safety and Security, is retiring.  Please join us on Thursday, May 16th for a special recognition of his many years of service.

Sylvia Toy

Sylvia Toy

Robert Howell

Robert Howell

Don Pickens

Don Pickens

Robin Spencer

Robin Spencer

Loryn Walker

Loryn Walker

A Kinder Gentler Highway Experience

What motivates people to drive cautiously?  In Vallarta the focus of driving is to keep on moving.  Stop signs are guidelines and offered up as suggestions to take a moment and pause.  If the intent is to make people slow down then the topes (speed bumps) are the only way to influence driving behavior.  Why?  Topes can cause significant harm to a vehicle, which is a prized possession, and must be cared for.

Therefore, that is why topes are used so frequently throughout the city.  They work! What doesn’t work is relying on driver’s good intentions, especially when it comes to driving on Highway 200 – the Carretera. Everyone loves zooming up and down the highway and the feeling that they are driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.  Same beautiful waters, but a whole lot more pedestrians. Safety was the number one issue for ANA members.  It includes home and personal safety.  Whether you own or rent, walk or drive, it is important for everyone to be able to cross the highway. 

 The stretch of highway that divides the Amapas community twists and turns and allows vehicles to accelerate and decelerate at amazing speeds.  Quite often there are multi-denominational prayer services held at the blind intersections where requests for heavenly assistance can be overheard.  Please, oh please, make sure the oncoming vehicle is not accelerating as I enter the highway.  Pedestrians and drivers pray to  their respective divinities. Wouldn’t it be great if we all just slowed down?  What if every time we saw a pedestrian trying to cross the highway we stopped and let him/her do so?  What if we were driving slow enough to allow another vehicle to merge in front of us?  What if we all just got along? All possibilities.  All dreams.  What is our reality?

Let’s Talk Trash

La Cima III, Terraza Del Mar, and individual members residing near the bottom of Los Pinos and the highway have expressed concerns about the trash.  It is not only unsightly but the trash debris falls in between the slats of the water way which ultimately finds its way into the ocean.

  Given the easy location of this trash spot, many non-neighborhood people throw their trash there which has been of concern for years.  It’s a frustrating situation for ANA, as well, because most of the residents are not ANA members so we don’t have any contacts. Regardless, ANA will be holding a meeting of interested neighbors to come up with a solution to the trash, because it is a problem that impacts all of us.  If interested in problem solving and you live in the area, please contact ANA at

Step 1 – ANA Survey and Results

ANA has existed for 18 years.  For many of those years ANA has had the same four goals – responsible development, security/safety, infrastructure, and building community.  It was time to take stock of where we are now.

Fifteen percent of ANA’s membership responded which is considered a favorable response rate.  The results of ANA’s 2019 survey were as follows using a forced-choice method:


1st – Security/Safety of self and property at 42% 2nd – Responsible Development at 32%
3rd – Infrastructure at 17% 4th – Building Community at 11%


This survey was the first step in developing ANA’s Five Year Plan.  Step two included the President’s Round Table scheduled on March 25th.