Pilitas stairs update

At the end of Calle Pilitas, where it intersects with Pino Suarez, walkers can find a stairway that historically connected Amapas residents near the highway with neighbors on Pilitas and provided pedestrian access to the beach.

The stairs were destroyed during the construction of 212 Pilitas several years ago, and, despite the developer’s promises to neighbors, never rebuilt.

Last year ANA worked with neighbors, including the San Franciscan, Escondido and Cañada Romantica condominiums, to get City permission to rebuild the Pilitas Stairs.

Neighbors and ANA collected more than 200 signatures, in support of the project. ANA created a file that includes a topographic survey, renders, a floor plan, and an investigation through various City Hall departments.

ANA has done our work.  Now it is up to the City to do their part.  Currently ANA is waiting for a work permit to be issued.  Once secured, ANA will start a gofundme campaign to collect funds from the surrounding neighbors who will be benefit from this project.

Stay tuned!

Music Complaints from Mantamar/Top Bar

On July 10 Gene Mendoza, ANA board member responsible for Safety and Security, and representatives of Casa Corazon, Villas Santa Barbara, and Amapas 353 condominiums met with Vidal Meza. Mr. Meza is one of the owners of Mantamar/Top Sky Bar and he manages those establishments.

We had a very cordial meeting where complaints from the neighbors regarding the loud noise from Top Sky Bar were addressed. The three buildings mentioned above are the most affected from the noise at night. Neighbors complained about nightly loud music and sometimes foul language from entertainers at late hours. Mr. Meza promised to investigate the issue further. He compromised, however, to turn the volume of the music down during week nights and even more so after 11:00 PM every night.

Mr. Meza explained that they host special events when the volume would be higher and where special permits/licenses from the city are obtained. In such cases, he promised to inform the neighbors in advance via email so that owners and guests know of the dates and times of such events.

Everyone present at the meeting was pleased with the outcome. We ask members to report if loud music is still being played after 11:00 PM when special events are not publicized. If you want to be notified of dates and times of special events please send us an email to admin@amapaspv.com.

Welcome Interim ANA Board Members!

Robin Spencer, full-time PV resident and business owner, returns to the ANA Board responsible for Individual and Full Building Membership.  She’s also going to be responsible for Social Events – her definite strength.  Robin will bring her previous experience as a Board member and her ability to connect with people on a personal level.

Robert Howell joins us as Board Secretary.  His desire to serve his adopted community combined with his organization and planning skills to our group.  His ability to set and establish boundaries will help us to make sure that the projects ANA takes on can be supported financially and with both short and long-term goals.  While not living full-time in PV, he will be joining us in November.

Each of these appointments are designated as interim until ANA membership vote at the upcoming ANA Extraordinary Meeting to be held on October 20th..

2018-2019 Meet and Greet Schedule

ANA sets itself apart from other neighborhood associations by creating community through its monthly Meet and Greet activities and Night Out events.  They are great opportunities to meet neighbors, make connections, and find out what’s going on in the neighborhood.  This year we’re going to try something new.  We’re going to alternate between the third Thursday and Friday of the month.  Since some of the ANA Board members are business owners it is difficult for them to get away on Fridays while other Board members have scheduled activities on Thursdays.  Since one specific day wouldn’t work we are splitting the year down the middle.  Mark your calendars with the upcoming schedule.

Interested in hosting an ANA Meet and Greet.  Contact Robin Spencer at membership@amapaspv.com

ANA calendar for Meet & Greets 2018-2019
Sept 21st 2018 (Friday)
October 18th  2018 (Thursday)
November 16th 2018  (Friday)
December 13th  2018 (Thursday) Dinner Dance /no Meet & Greet
January 17th 2019 (Thursday)
February 15th 2019 (Friday)
March 14th 2019(Thursday)
April 19th 2019(Friday)
May 16th 2019 (Thursday)
June 21st 2019 (Friday)
July 18th 2019(Thursday)
August 16th 2019(Friday)
September 19th2019 (Thursday)

Back to School Special

Monday, August 20th was the first day of school for students in Puerto Vallarta.  We all know Escuela Lazaro Cardenas with the beautiful mosaics on the outside.  From the park we can hear the voices of the young children inside chanting and giggling. The children are dressed immaculately.  Each classroom has a motivated teacher with 25 to 30 polite students.  It sounds magical but the physical condition of the school inside does not match its outside beauty.

The president of the school’s parent group, Maria Robles, was kind enough to guide interim ANA President, Sylvia Toy, through the school that first day of classes.  Students study in temperatures that would challenge the best of us. The school administration and parent’s group has been working with the owner of Los Arcos Hotel to repair and replace some of the antiquated air conditioning units in the classrooms along the park side. The windows are plastics sheets some with gaping holes.

Maria explained to Sylvia that one of the school’s most pressing needs was working bathrooms for the children and teachers.  Sylvia contacted two ANA members who agreed to make sure there would be functioning bathrooms as soon as possible.  By the following Monday, August 27th, Frank Horvath and Steve Ross, los Americanos (as they became known to the kids),  fixed 10 sinks, 12 toilets, 4 floor drains, and one five-foot urinal.

ANA thanks them for the time and materials they donated to the school.  We are proud of our members improving the quality of life in our community.

Welcome Hospiten!

Welcome Hospiten!

On Tuesday, September 4th at Fusion Gourmet, ANA officially welcomed Hospiten as its largest corporate sponsor.  While we enjoyed a delicious breakfast, representatives from PV’s newest hospital spoke to ANA members about their new health program called MyHealth.

The four benefits of taking part of this new program include:

  • A triage service designed to give you 24 hour assistance as needed.
  • Emergency medical transport to Hospiten, if needed.
  • A full assessment that includes: blood pressure, blood work, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, and chest X-ray.  In-depth consultations with a nutritionist and a doctor to review your lab results.
  • Monthly consultations with Hospiten staff doctors.

What does this service cost?  Absolutely nothing until January 2019.  Then the services will be $30/month per individual.  Additionally, you can purchase the service on a monthly basis so if you’re a part-time resident you only pay for the months you’re in PV.  Great deal!

Interested in learning more about the MyHealth program?  Call 322-226-2081 and identify yourself as an ANA member.  They’ll answer your questions or set you up for an appointment.