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Abedul Stair Project Due to the closure of nearby pedestrian and vehicle pathways, Abesul Stairs, located between Brisas del Mar and La Terraza, has become the primary route for pedestrians traveling from upper Amapas, Conchas Chinas and the highway down to their favorite Zona Romántica restaurants and beach clubs. The Amapas Neighborhood Association, one of the most […]

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Do you know where you were on August 10, 2021? For those of us who spend the summers in Puerto Vallarta, it is a day we will all remember. That afternoon the excavation occurring on Calle Santa Barbara in preparation for the new development called Serena – came violently crashing down. Thankfully there was no loss of life; however, the landslide significantly disrupted the lives of those who live and work on that street. Businesses were closed for several months, some neighbors have not had water for nearly five months, employees have had their incomes significantly reduced, and no one can use the street to access the other side.

Septembre Highlights

September 2021 news & updatesSeptember| Issue 4 SERENA LANDSLIDE – What’s Happening?President Sylvia Toy met with the Serena developer, Roberto Contreras, on Monday, September 20th. This edition reflects some of his comments and information.It was a friendly and informative meeting which gave us another perspective from which to see what has been going on since the […]


Like many other neighborhood organizations, the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA), is doing what it can to help our fellow neighbors after the destruction brought onto our beloved city of Puerto Vallarta. Today ANA provided a roasted chicken lunch and a beverage to those workers who have been working diligently cleaning up the tons of mud and debris in the downtown area. ANA Administrator, Viviana Testón, loaded up her car with roasted chickens from Pollo Ranchero on Libramiento.

With the assistance of the La Guardia Nacional, Viviana was able to bring the food down to those who are working nonstop in this restricted area.

Funds were provided through the PAVE project where the focus is on providing food to locals while benefitting local businesses. Robin Spencer, Vocal, lead our Board in the initiation of the original PAVE program.


ANA Security Council Update

1.0 Attendance Sylvia Toy, ANA President Steve Clarke, ANA Treasurer Viviana Testón, ANA Administrator Myrna Brown, Vista Amapas Paul Shirer, Renaissance Jennifer Guitierrez, Renaissance Harris Spiridonidis, Paramount Bay Diego Ibarra, Brisas Lunar/Casa Lupe Tom Peterson, Vista Romantica Tom Carota, Bella Vista James Cox, Villas Macuaz Don Bieghler, Villa Tizoc Susan Wiseman and David Lord, Casa […]


ANA Great Neighbor Awards

The ANA Board wishes to recognize and Thank Great Neighbors. These are individuals or Boards that have made special contributions to the Amapas Neighborhood. We recognize KIND NEIGHBORS OF LA CIMA III ( A FULL BUILDING MEMBERSHIP) WHO WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS for their generous cash donation to build the trash receptacle at Los Pinos […]


ANA meeting with city authorities

Left to right: Omar Larios Coordinador de Participación Ciudadana; Christian Hernandez, Director operativo Policía Municipal; Viviana Testón, administradora Asoc. De Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas A.C.; Norma Gordian dirección de Vinculación Ciudadana Policía Municipal; Sylvia Toy President of the board, Robert Howell secretary of the board,  and Don Pickens vocal  of board. In February your […]