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ANA Security And Safety Web Page Introduction

ANA Security And Safety – Our Goal, In A Word Is ”Prevention”

The Mexican legal system changed a few years ago, moving away from Napoleonic law, “You are guilty until proven innocent” to the new standard, “You are innocent until proven guilty”, based on this the ANA goal is to work on


Rather than catching the criminal after the fact.

In most cases the criminals are released from jail within 24 hours or less and never return for their court appearance.

In 2018 the ANA surveyed all its members using an email questionnaire. It was determined from the results of this survey Security and Safety is the top, and number 1 priority of the ANA members. 

The ANA has taken this very seriously, making Security and Safety of Amapas and the ANA members the number 1 priority.

An additional meeting was held after tabulating the survey results on (date) 2018 with the ANA membership to get a better understanding of what you, our members, were looking for in Security and Safety.

Since the inception back in 2018, making Security and Safety the ANA number 1 priority, the ANA has initiated the following measures, which our members have asked for and helped with, to help make Amapas a more Secure and Safer place to live for all Amapas residents and the ANA members:

  1. Traffic and Sidewalk Safety

The goal is to make the streets, highways and sidewalks of Amapas safer to use for pedestrians while disrupting traffic as little as possible.  

Meetings were held with the Chief of Police to determine what the ANA could do and not do to improve traffic safety in Amapas.

Next, meetings were held with concerned ANA members, both pedestrians and those who drove vehicles to see what the membership wanted to be done. It was important to get the perspective of both pedestrian and vehicle drivers before making any final recommendations to the police for implementation.

A pilot program is being developed and will be implemented later in 2020 if funding is available.

  1. WhatsApp Security Program

This program was launched in ???? with the police. The goal is to give ANA members quick access to the police to report a crime in progress. This service can be used in conjunction with a 911 call. New guidelines were developed and launched in 2020 to streamline program.

  • Police Chief Meeting

Monthly meetings are being held with Chief of Police to discuss current issues and situations. These meetings have proven to be extremely useful in improving the ANA’s rapport with the police and helping to get a quicker response from the police in general.

Bring any issues, no matter how big or small, forward to the ANA for discussion with the Police Chief at our next meeting.

  1. Security Council

The Security Council was established in 2019. The group is made up of ANA board members, the ANA Administration, representatives from FBM, other concerned ANA members, and home owners who are ANA members.

The purpose of the security council is to meet on a regular basis, monthly, or more often if required, to advise the ANA board and discuss Security and Safety issues in Amapas with recommended solutions. Many of these meeting have guest speakers that advise the Security Council on specific subject or topics.

If your building isn’t represented or if you are concerned home owner and would like to be part of the Security Council, contact the ANA office for more information or to join the group.

The neighborhood watch signs are available in both Spanish and/ or English. The signs were developed to be placed on Condo buildings, homes, and in public areas to let criminals know we the residents of Amapas are watching. The signs are avaible in two different sizes, large 24” X 24” or 60cm X 60cm and smaller version, 14” X 14” or 35cm X 35cm.

You can order yours through the ANA office at anytime. The cost of the large sign is $800 pesos each and the smaller sign is $XXX pesos each. They are easy to install and go a long way to help detour criminal activity in our neighborhoods.

  1. WhatsApp Neighborhood Street Program

The WhatsApp Neighborhood program has been developed to let you and your fellow ANA neighbors communicate with each other in English to discuss and inform of suspicious looking events and people on your street, without getting the police involved.

Contact the ANA office if you are interested in joining your street program.

  • Street Captains

A Street Captain is a person who is part of the WhatsApp Neighborhood Street Program, and the WhatsApp Security Program, who is bilingual, that will take a leadership role on your street when it comes to Security and Safety issues. Your Street Captain can contact the police or even the Chief of Police on your behalf if required.

If you are interested in being a street captain or would like to know who is your street captain contact the ANA office for more information.

  • Heath and Welfare

As a result of Covid – 19 the ANA through the newsletter and the ANA website is giving regular updates on the health and welfare of Amapas and Puerto Vallarta in general. As many of our members are part-time residents of Amapas it is important these people get a clear and truthful understanding of the health and welfare conditions of your Mexican home.


During the World Day of Tourism, the  Amapas Neighborhood Association was nominated and won the Distinctive Tourist Award for its support regarding tourist infrastructure. 

On September 29, 2020, a private event was held at the Hilton Hotel with safety and healthy measures in place that included everyone wearing masks, a temperature control spot, a small crowd separated by 6 feet distance from each other, and tables for two.  At this event a variety of corporations and Neighborhood Associations received their awards.  Sylvia Toy in representation of Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) accompanied by Viviana Testón, administrator of ANA, were pleased by the organization and safe environment to celebrate the World Day of Tourism 2020.   This has been a very difficult year for tourism worldwide.  Nonetheless, this yearly event occurred with health and safety guidelines in place by the Department of Tourism leader, Ramon Gonzalez Lomeli, sponsored by Outback and Abbraccio Restaurants, TAR aircraft, and 7 Leguas Tequila. 


During the event, each one of the organizations that received an award, had the opportunity to speak to the crowd regarding their achievements.  In the case of ANA, these achievements included the highway sidewalk, the stair repairs, and the PAVE food distribution program.  Sylvia Toy took the opportunity to thank the Department of Tourism for all the collaborative projects that have occurred during the last five years.


It is an important recognition of the hard work that ANA has done during all these years, the leadership shown by Sylvia Toy, and the public recognition by the city government and other organizations.  Stop by the ANA Office and see this award that motivates us to keep working together to improve our community.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 5:49 PM Viviana Teston <> wrote:

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During the World Day of Tourism, Amapas Neighborhood Association was nominated and won the tourist distinctive for its support regarding tourist infrastructure. 

On September 29th. 2020,  a private event, held in Hilton Hotel Salon, that was limited by safety and healthy measurements, that included everyone wearing masks, a temperature control spot, a small crown separated by 6 feet from each other, and on tables for two, a variety of corporations and Neighborhood Associations were awarded,  Sylvia Toy in representation of Amapas Neighborhood Association accompanied by Viviana Testón administrator of ANA,  were pleased by the organization, and safety environment, to celebrate the World Day of Tourism 2020, on a very difficult year for that the tourism worldwide, an event organized by the Department of tourism leader by Ramon Gonzalez Lomeli, sponsor by Outback and Abbraccio  Restaurant, tar aircraft, and tequila 7 Leguas.

During the event, each one of the organizations that were awarded, have the opportunity to speak to the crowd, while a small semblance that in the case of ANA included the sidewalk, the stairs repairs, and PAVE program.  Sylvia Toy took the opportunity to thank the Department of Tourism for all the join projects that have share during the last 5 years.

It is an important recognition on the hard work that ANA has done during all these years, the leadership showed by Sylvia Toy, and the public recognition by the city government and other organizations. A small aware that motive us to keep working together to improve our community.


Hola Villas Loma Linda Board and Administrator! It is with a huge sigh of relief and the deepest appreciation that I write this note to all of you. On behalf of the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) Board, I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your work with us during this pandemic. Who would have known that the world would turn upside down and life as we knew it would be so disrupted? Life continues, but it is so very different. All of us are adjusting and trying to figure out what our next steps are.

ANA has adopted an austerity budget that will get us through February, which will be our next annual general meeting. As a non-profit organization we have been dependent upon the various fundraisers we hold throughout the year to supplement the funds we bring in through membership. Recognizing that our ability to hold fundraisers will be significantly impaired as a result of the pandemic and the decreased number of returning visitors, we have had to think outside the box. We greatly appreciate that the VLL Board has worked with us and only charged us for the electricity we use and not expected rent from us, as well. That was a huge relief and we appreciate it.

We look forward to the time when we can meet, gather, and enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to the time when we can see each other as friends and colleagues as opposed to a possible infection. We look forward to having the ANA office be a place where members of the community gather and discuss issues. We will all get through this pandemic as long as we work together and trust each other to keep each other safe.

Thanks for trusting us.

Sylvia Toy, President
Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) and Amapas Junta Vecinal

Protocol of care for people of Mexican nationality and foreigner

Protocol of care for people of Mexican nationality and foreigner who are in Mexican national territory in centers of accommodation during the mandatory quarantine by COVID-19

  1. The hosting industry, including hosting platforms and OTAs will stop receive reservations and will reschedule all reservations during the validity of the “Healthy distance” policy.
  2. In the case of guests for essential economic activities such as travel business, can have a maximum occupancy of 15% and will require a proof of the company you work for, specifying the branch you are dealing with, so that the lodging center can verify that it is one of the branches exactly as essential activities described in the Official Gazette of the Federation.
  3. The State Tourism Secretariats in coordination with the National Associations of the hotel industry will define a list of lodging centers destined to focus on all domestic and foreign guests with respiratory symptoms (Hotel COVID) and foreign guests without respiratory symptoms (Hotel NO COVID) in so much recommended hopes the support of your government governments for your process repatriation
  4. The lodging centers authorized to attend the contingency will be specifically those who have medical service and will maintain communication close with specific health services.
  5. Members of national associations of the hotel industry are hereby authorized to: for humanitarian reasons, specifically restricted to foreign citizens staying in the facilities of the specific lodging centers.
  6. The mobilization of people in said accommodation centers during the contingency It will be strictly limited to the rooms in which they are located.
  7. The lodging centers close their sports and social facilities such as: swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, entertainment centers, business rooms, etc.
  8. Foreign citizens who are in Mexican national territory in centers of accommodation, obliged to communicate with their diplomatic representations to start your paperwork back home.
  9. Diplomatic representations and foreign citizens in hosting centers, they will arrange the coverage of the payment of the lodging and food.
  10. The lodging centers must apply preferential rates to accommodate visitors foreigners in need of isolation for a minimum of 14 days, or until further notice from the health authorities.
  11. In the case of the personnel who work in the lodging centers, they will be subject to the following provisions:
  12. People who belong to groups considered to be at higher risk for complications due to COVID-19, they will not be able to work.
  13. They will be subject to the sanitary labor filter described in the “General Guideline for mitigation and prevention of COVID-19 in closed public spaces”, published in
  14. The personnel designated to care for the rooms with people Protocol subject to modifications according to health needs suspected of transmission or confirmed of COVID-19 should take the following personal precautionary measures: frequent hand washing, respiratory label, Sanitary labor filter and strict use of personal protective equipment.
  15. The lodging center must provide its personnel with the protective equipment necessary to provide the service safely: Disposable surgical mask or cloth, disposable latex gloves, disposable or cloth cap, uniform and service Laundry for the uniforms, masks and cloth caps used during their day labor.
  16. Food for people will be previously defined by the lodging center according to their capacities and supply, and will be supplied in their rooms.
  17. The lodging center will be in charge of providing basic supplies for the hygiene of people staying: Drinking water, soap, shampoo, disposable tissues, paper Hygienic, towels and linens, at least once a week.
  18. People who have respiratory symptoms will be isolated preventively in a separate room (except for those who require accompaniment).
  19. In case any of the people in the lodging centers start with respiratory symptoms, personnel should immediately notify the medical service and state health authorities, according to the “Standardized Guideline for epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of COVID-19 ”.
  20. When releasing a room that has housed people with suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19, a thorough cleaning and disinfection must be carried out before returning to occupy it with another person.
  21. The hotels of the Mexican Republic, in compliance with the sanitary measure of “Stay at home”, they will only authorize the accommodation of the aircraft and ship crew that they arrive in Mexico, that they require it.

Disinfection of suspected or confirmed case room.

– The highest surfaces should be cleaned with a cloth / cloth / flannel / towel / slang impregnated with detergent water, avoiding dispersing the powder.

– The walls, windows and doors that include the handles must be cleaned thoroughly regular, as well as when they are visibly dirty.

– Horizontal surfaces that include tables, chairs, beds, shelves or other Installations attached to the wall should be cleaned with a cloth with water with detergent, rinse with clean water and disinfect with chlorinated solution (see more forward technique of the three buckets).

– In the rooms of patients in isolation the same methodology of cleaning, with the personnel having to follow the required precautions (insulation of contact and drops).

– In the event of spills of body fluids on the surfaces, the procedure must be following way: o Put on gloves and cover the surface with paper / absorbent material.

Protocol subject to modifications according to health needs –

o Remove as much dirt.

o Throw away the paper / wash other material.

o Finally, continue cleaning on a regular basis.


  1. b) Disinfection with chlorinated solution

– A bucket will be filled with warm water and detergent in sufficient quantity to make foam, another with clean water and a third with chlorinated solution.

– In principle, the equipment, walls, will be cleaned with the detergent solution openings and all those elements that need to be cleaned.

– It will then be rinsed with clean water and dried.

– Finally, disinfection will be carried out by direct contact applying on the surfaces, chlorinated solution and will allow to dry.

– The floors will be cleaned applying the same technique previously described.


  1. c) Routine disinfection

– In each patient room, frequent contact surfaces must be identified (knobs, bed rails, keyboards, telephones, table tops, lamps table)

– These surfaces should be disinfected daily at least once a day, ideally once per turn.

– A cloth impregnated with disinfecting solution or with 70% alcohol.


  1. d) For a liter of disinfecting solution it is necessary:

– Fill a bottle with a liter of clean water

– Add a coffee tablespoon of commercial bleach

– Cap the bottle and shake

– Label the bottle indicating that it contains chlorinated water

– Let stand 30 minutes before using it

– Store the container in a dark place and out of the reach of children

– This solution can be used for a month to clean surfaces