Conference Call Summary
March 31, 2020
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The Amapas Neighorhood Association held our first Conference Call with the participation of 12 Amapas Members representing Brisa Lunar/Casa Lupe, Casa de los Arcos, La Cima I, Sayan Tropical and Villas Loma Linda. 

We talked about: 

What is each building doing right now to address the coronavirus, social distancing, and stay in place recommendations?​​

The answers were varied based on the size of the building, the amount of common areas and the number of current residents. In general, it appeared that the larger the building and the larger the common areas, the greater number of restrictions were in place. 

While one building had done everything to reduce the appearance of life as normal; another had kept everything in place.  Tables, chairs, and loungers had been removed and gyms closed while another had everything still open, because so few residents and no outside visitors.
All had reduced staff but with pay or reduced the number of days they work.  Some allowed outside maids and mozos, but there were concerns about their contacts especially if using public transportation.
Security continues to be an issue for everyone.  With unemployment and lost salaries, we can expect an uptick in crime as people are looking for creative ways to make up for lost wages.  What should ANA members do?  We need to be even more vigilant and cautious in protecting our homes and property.  What precautions did you put in place to make sure your property is protected and locked? 
ANA Security WhatsApp Group:  It was confirmed by the group that it should only be for emergencies.  We do not want to overload the system with unnecessary calls regarding quality of life issues, i.e., noise, fireworks, music, etc.  The ANA Security WhatsApp Group is for crime prevention.  Please write in Spanish and include location and incident details.  Use Google Translate to translate what you write in English to Spanish.  If you want to be added to the ANA Security WhatsApp Group, please email Diego at
Coronavirus Information: ANA is going to create another WhatsApp group specifically for local information (State and City info).  If you want to be part of this group please send a WhatsApp message to:  322 244 01 85
Include your name and building address.

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