D’Terrace Construction Causes Dangerous Landslide

As of June 16th there have been several reports made to Reglamentos, Civil Protection and Urban Development regarding the erosion caused by the rains and poor construction methods at the D’Terrace construction site. The erosion has undermined the foundation of several adjacent buildings and can potentially cause buildings to come tumbling down. Who will ultimate result responsible? D’Terrace’s Developer? Montiel or Altamirano from Urban Planning? God?



The white tube shown in the pictures above used to rest on solid grown, the erosion has left this sewage pipe in mid air and has started to eat away at the foundation of the buildings shown.



In the picture above you can see a tree on the of the building, on the close up picture on the left the land where the tree used to sit has eroded. The tree disappeared in one day, we cannot let the tree represent the adjacent building, the building is in imminent danger and something must be done.  Our administrator is following up with a written report to Urban Planning Department to make it official and URGENT! Keep checking back on our website and FaceBook page for more updates.