D’Terrace Repairs Erosion?

In response to a follow-up call from our Administrator, Architect Mirna Luz C. Montalvo, who is in charge of inspections in this area, informed him of the following:

This project has been monitored weekly since its start, due to the nature of the building and the possible danger from erosion from adjacent inclines.

The site was visited last wednesday, however, it was under lock and key and the inspectors had no access to the property- they left a citation.

LandslideConcreteOn Friday they returned and accessed a neighbors property on Carretera Barra de Navidad and were informed of the erosion. They proceeded to talk to the engineer in charge of the project, who in turn started to pump concrete on the eroded hill on Saturday. This was ordered by the same inspecting architect in order to avoid further erosion and destruction.

The engineer was also notified of his obligation to repair the damage done to the adjacent properties, in this case, build a retention wall and fill in the eroded portion of the damaged property.

Furthermore, Architect Mirna, informed our administrator of the Engineer’s plan to channel the descending storm water from  that crosses through the lot in construction, and to construct a storm drain in front of the property where the deflected water will be directed. ANA will be on watch for this and will keep you posted on the progress. LandslideConcrete2