D’Terrace Project Challenges Amapas Plan Parcial

D'Terrace is located in a small alley just a block east of Tropicana Hotel

D’Terrace Condominiums is a new 41-unit project announced by Applegate Realtors “in the heart of lower Amapas and the Romantic Zone” according to their website.  Its announced construction size, number of condos and height is more than twice what is permitted.  This has alarmed neighbors and over 300 members of the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) and Junta Vecinal who want to see the Plan Parcial (passed into law September 2012) properly followed by the city, to preserve the character of Amapas that attracts buyers in the first place.

Tom Swale, President of the ANA said “The ANA is not anti-growth, we’re pro-Responsible Development.  As a Neighborhood Organization, we’re committed to construction that respects the character and special qualities of the neighborhood, the height and density of existing buildings, and current zoning regulations.  We will support construction that contributes to the neighborhood and abides by the rules, but we’ll oppose construction that detracts from the neighborhood or violates the rules.”

dterrace dictamen
The city’s own dictamen specifies construction density allowed on this lot half of what is being advertised.

The “dictamen” for the lot, per the official analysis by the city (dated December 11, 2012) shows:

  • The lot has 1,143.8 sq mtrs
  • COS (coverage of lot) % = .6, or 686 sq mtrs.
  • CUS (ratio of covered construction to lot size) % = 1.8, or 2058 sq mtrs.
  • MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 9 meters from highest point on lot
  • PARKING:  2 spaces per unit

Based on the developer’s previously published information, a total of 4573 sq mtrs of condo space is planned on 8 floors, compared to 2058 permitted (more than double the amount).  This information has since been removed from their website which currently shows zeros for the size of lot and amount of construction disclosed to the public. With an eight story building plus rooftop construction, at 2.5 meters/floor, the building is at least 22.5 meters high.

Three ANA representatives met with Planning Chief Francisco Altamirano on March 11, 2014. Despite an invitation reported in the Tribuna newspaper to review the files on the development, he offered absolutely no information about the project.  He claimed the development was in Emiliano Zapata, despite the city’s own dictamen and project’s website clearly showing Amapas.

Representatives of the realtor and developer have offered to meet with the ANA and we look forward to discussing how to transform this project into a responsible development.