Enhanced Police Patrols in Amapas by Year’s End

police meeting Dec 18 2013

December 19, 2013, PUERTO VALLARTA Mexico:  Today Amapas Neighborhood Association and Junta Vecinal President Tom Swale met with Public Security Subdirector Ernesto Ojinaga Ruiz to discuss security concerns of the Amapas neighborhood, and gained significant police commitments for enhancing security immediately.

Gene Mendoza, Board Member responsible for Security, and Board Member and TaxiSafe co-Founder Don Pickens, also expressed their concern about how the current shortage of Police vehicles has led to the Amapas patrol car being used outside of neighborhood boundaries.  Recently a break-in in the neighborhood at Las Moradas led to an increased level of concern among members.

With helpful translation by Comandante Juan Vilavazo of Transito, and participation by Officer Everardo “Tigre” Rubio, the ANA’s concerns were answered by Ojinaga:

  • The Mayor has promised that all the new patrol cars will arrive and be on duty by the end of the year
  • Two of these cars will join the Amapas patrol car for a record 3 cars on patrol of the Amapas neighborhood.  These cars will be marked with the name of the colonia.
  • Ojinaga personally promised to present the new officers, who have been screened for honesty and integrity, to the members of the ANA at the annual meeting on January 17 at Paradise Community Center.  He promised that absent complaints, these officers will stay on patrol within the neighborhood, so they can get to know the area and residents.
  • Police on patrol in Amapas would immediately begin to use the “checkpoint” system recommended by the ANA to prove police patrols reach the far ends of Amapas.  Major buildings with full time staff are being asked to participate including Horizon, Avalon, Villa Tizoc, Casa Cupula, and others to log police patrols 24 hours.  Ojinaga also said new patrols will be using their own log system with numbered folios to track the actions of police.

    In the past two weeks, three night-time break-ins have been reported in Amapas. Burglars broke sliding glass door locks in units of an upper Gardenias condo development; with minor theft. A second burglary reportedly netted a laptop and cellphone from a third-floor unit in a Hortensias condo — entry apparently through an open terrace door. So be aware.  Take care.  Take the time to file an official police report.  And keep ANA ‘in the loop’ so we can keep the neighborhood informed.