Extraordinary Meeting 2018

Saturday, October 20th ANA held its first Extraordinary Meeting.  It was a meeting of firsts in many ways.  We achieved quorum by proxy prior to the meeting ever taking place.  How?  One of ANA’s bylaws allows the HOA President or Building Administrator to submit a proxy for the entire building’s membership.  The participation of our full building members at Condo Escondido, Estrella Del Mar, La Cima III, Las Hortensias, Las Moradas, Selvamar, Terraza Del Mar, Villas Loma Linda, Villa Tizoc, Villas Macuaz, Vista Amapas, and Vista Romantica combined with those members who submitted a proxy and those members who actually attended the meeting helped us to the percentage of participation we needed.  We were able to begin the meeting at first call.  Since the agenda was concise and to the point, the meeting was over in 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes!  We celebrated all of these firsts and welcomed our new Board – Sylvia Toy (President), Don Pickens (Treasurer), Robert Howell (Secretary), Gene Mendoza (Vocal), and Robin Spencer (Vocal) – with a delicious breakfast buffet offered by Taste Restaurant and bubbly Mimosas.  What a great meeting!