Gardenias Street Work

You may have noticed some new cement curbs and stripes of yellow ‘caution’ paint along the pavement on Calle Gardenias – your ANA at work.

While making those safety improvements, we discovered recent erosion that could undermine a section of pavement between Selvamar and Diane’s landmark palapa-roofed home.  ANA immediately alerted Proteccion Civil, which sent out investigators, and is now preparing an official Dictamen de Riesgo (Official Opinion of Risk).

The Proteccion Civil investigators told ANA representatives that the erosion has been caused by water backing up and overflowing the street because the pipe that is supposed to carry it under the pavement is too small.

They suggested installing a larger pipe, which could then conduct ALL the rainwater into the watercourse below without causing more erosion. Unfortunately, they also said that the City doesn’t have the resources available to make this improvement on its own.

The good news is that the threat to Gardenias does not seem to be immediate, so we have time to act.

This may be another opportunity for the neighbors to work together with ANA in a “50-50-50 Project,” where ANA and affected neighbors (50-50) can share the cost of construction materials and supervision, with ANA managing the project, while the City’s Obras Publicas department provides the labor and machinery (the other 50% of the cost) to get the job done.