Some generous ANA members in Paramount Bay have pledged about $3,000 USD = $60,000 pesos to fund Phase One of ANA’s Highway Sidewalk Project.

As reported earlier, ANA commissioned an architectural plan for improving the partially paved path that runs along the west side of Highway 200.

Our goal is a continuous hard-surface, all-weather sidewalk that will help residents, renters, visitors, and workers get from our homes in the hills of Amapas, down to the beach and into town without taking their lives in their hands, as they sometimes do when they have to step out onto the highway, sometimes having to dodge kamikaze cabs and 18-wheelers speeding around its many blind curves.

Our Project Supervisor, Fernando Hernandez, is working on a materials list and construction schedule that he’ll soon convert into a budget.

Next stop: City Hall, where we’ll present our detailed plans to the Planning Department for approval and support.  Then the work will begin, first clearing overgrown vegetation and fallen rock from the path, then pouring the planned 1.5 meter wide sidewalk and constructing protective retaining walls and improving storm drains.

Phase One – pretty much opposite Paramount Bay – begins at the Villa Sausalito driveway, going north to the paved driveway opposite Villa Tizoc.

Once people see what we’ve accomplished, we hope they’ll chip in and help us finish our new sidewalk.