Horizon and Playa Bonita Join for 18 Full Building Members

Glad to Be Part of the Solution!

More condominium buildings in Amapas are recognizing the value of working together for a better Amapas, bringing total membership to about 350.The Amapas Neighborhood Association (Asociacion de Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas A.C.) has tripled in size in the last 3 years.   Full building membership is a huge step toward stability for the Amapas Neighborhood Association as it eliminates the time and cost for volunteers in renewing many individual memberships, and provides a backbone for the budget of the ANA to pursue our work.

Playa Bonita. Photo courtesy of www.casasandvillas.com
Playa Bonita on Los Muertos Beach. Photo courtesy of www.casasandvillas.com

Recent new buildings joining the ANA include Horizon in upper Amapas, and Playa Bonita in lower Amapas on the beach.  Vallarta Manor on Calle Santa Barbara is also joining, strengthening our presence in lower Amapas.  A Board Member of Playa Bonita said in joining that he was “glad to be part of the solution”.   A Vallarta Manor’s owner wrote: “We appreciate your fine efforts on behalf of all of the Amapas residents.”

Our strength – our ability to get things done – is in our membership base.  Because of our numbers, we can afford a year-round full-time Administrator – our key to building relationships at City Hall, and in providing “gestor” services to our members using our Junta Vecinal status.  Sadly, city responsiveness is uneven, but if we’re not pushing for solutions, nothing happens.  While we have much work to do, several departments at the city have told us the ANA is the best organized and most effective neighborhood association in the city.

Our members not only fund our operations with their annual dues, but volunteer their time and effort, and contribute financially to special projects like the Amapas Private Security Patrol, getting new signs on the highway and building new trash containers throughout the colonia.  For example, we are proud to welcome David Salter of Playa Bonita to our Responsible Development Committee.

Full Building Memberships make it easier for our members to join and renew.   When membership is paid through an HOA, it is a legally deductive business expense for the building, and – as an administrative convenience for the ANA – currently receives a 15% discount on annual dues.

Here is a current list of our Current Full Building Members – if your building is not on the list please write to amapaspv@gmail.com to join:

  • Almendro 50
  • Bugambilias
  • Brisa Lunar
  • Condominio Hortensias
  • El Dorado
  • Horizon
  • La Cima I
  • Las Moradas
  • Monte Vista
  • Playa Bonita
  • Renaissance
  • Selva Mar
  • Terraza Del Mar
  • Vallarta Manor
  • Villa Tizoc
  • Villas de la Colina II
  • Vista Amapas
  • Vista Romantica