Hortensias Repaving Project – Update December 7, 2016

In order to complete the new cement tracks before Christmas, Hortensias will be CLOSED between Villas Loma Linda and Highway 200, from now through next Tuesday, December 13.

 Please use ‘the back way’ along Hortensias to Pulpito.

Yesterday, to speed things along, we rented TWO backhoes – one to cut the second track, the other to scoop the cobbles and broken concrete out of it.

The two machines – working alongside our Obras Publicas crew – did in one day what would have taken the crew alone several weeks of jack-hammering.

Starting today, we are renting a dump truck and loader to clear away all the cobblestones and debris from the two tracks.

In the run-up to the City’s Christmas break, Obras Publicas support has been, let’s just say, less than optimal.  ANA is doing our best to take up the slack and get the work done.  We rented the backhoes, truck and loader to save time and reduce noise and inconvenience for our members and neighbors.


Subject to schedule changes from City Hall and more weird weather:

Today, Wednesday, Dec 7: cleaning and forming the new track by hand.

Thursday, Dec 8: two concrete pours & finishing, plus cleaning and forming.

Friday, Dec 9: two concrete pours & finishing, plus cleaning and forming.

Saturday, December 10: two final concrete pours and finishing.

The fresh cement we pour this week will have to cure, so we can’t drive on it — no matter how ‘solid’ it looks – for three more days.  Please respect the new cement – and all our hard work – during the curing process.

This week, Hortensias will be completely blocked by the cement truck during the pours.  The dump truck and loader will also block the street as they scoop up and take away the old cobblestones.

Our goal is to complete all the concrete pouring on Saturday, and fully reopen Hortensias to traffic on Wednesday morning, December 14, and for the rest of the holidays.

As you probably know, City Hall pretty much shuts down for the last two weeks of the year.  Any part of the repaving that hasn’t been finished by the 14th, we’ll resume and complete after New Years.

Thanks, as always, for your patience – some inconvenience is unavoidable, and it’s a short-term annoyance that will produce a long-term benefit for us all.