In May, members of your ANA Board met with Mayor Davalos to review the almost two-year history of our reports and requests for help with the undermined Los Pinos pavement.  We presented him with an entire file of photos, documents and Proteccion Civil dictamins of risk to the street.

In June, ANA hired local Civil Engineer Antonio Mercurio to analyze the Los Pinos erosion/landslide and prepare a report of observations, conclusions, assessment of risks and hazards, and recommendations.  He reported imminent danger, recommended restricted parking and constructing a retaining wall.

In July, ANA  submitted Ing. Mercurio’s report, which adds weight and urgency to the Proteccion Civil Dictamens of Risk already on file with City Hall.  When the Director of Obras Publicas dismissed Ing. Mercurio’s findings, we sent an official letter to Mayor Davalos, with copies to the relevant City Departments – Obras Publicas, Planning, Proteccion Civil, and Transito – requesting a written response to the report of our Civil Engineer.

Last week we sent a follow-up request.  You can find both the English and Spanish versions here  at the ANA website, www.amapaspv.com/wp/.

Your ANA is researching other ways to get City Hall attention and action, and reaching out to the local Spanish-language media to bring public awareness and opinion to bear on the Los Pinos problem.

We welcome your suggestions.  In the meantime, we’ll keep pushing for official recognition that a significant public safety danger exists and deserves immediate City Hall attention and action.