We’ve got a little more work to do, but we’ll finish up this week.

No road work today, in honor of Sta. Maria de Guadalupe, but Tuesday our Obras Publica-supplied road crew will be busy clearing and removing the last of the debris, and Wednesday we’ll pour that last little section down at the highway.

There’s a little more to be done after that, but it’ll have to wait until the New Year, when we get our hard-working road crew back.

Special thanks to them, and to Fernando Hernandez, our dedicated and resourceful Project Supervisor.  Without his determination to get the tracks laid and the road reopened before Christmas, we would still be trenching the first track.

Thanks, too, to the ANA members, Full Member Buildings, and neighbors who contributed the many pesos necessary to get this long-awaited and much-needed show on the road!

We are ANA.  Together we get things done!