ANA recently hosted a breakfast with six key City officials at Casa Cupula’s ‘Taste’ Restaurant to discuss issues and needed improvements in Amapas.

Police Chief J. Antonio Rodriguez, Director of Public Safety Lic. Jesús José Rodríguez Campoy; Sub-Director of Bomberos & Proteccion Civil: Cmdte. Adrián Elíseo Bobadilla García; Sub-Director of Transito Josefina Ibarria; Deputy Transito Director Everardo Rubio; and Arq. Rodolfo Macías Gómez: Sub-Director of Obras Publicas, Representing ANA: President Tom Swale, Treasurer Don Pickens, and Liaison Ing. Fernando Hernandez.
  • Item #1 was preventing erosion caused by summer rains from undermining Los Pinos just above the first turn.  The Director of Proteccion Civil said that he recognizes the rains are once again approaching, and promised immediate action.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • To improve emergency and security communications, the Chief of Police requested our help obtaining new and more powerful radios.  Because of your generous donations to the Police & Bomberos Casita, ANA has the funds available to help out.
  • On Upper Hortensias, Proteccion Civil will soon produce a dictamen of risk concerning the slow-motion sinkhole that has appeared in the pavement nearVillas de Colina II and El Campanario.  ANA presented a petition to Transito to remove a ‘permanently parked’ car there that was forcing traffic to drive across the sinkhole.  (The apparently abandoned car has since been removed, making driving there safer).
  • Obras Publicas agreed to proceed with ANA’s Hortensias Repaving Project, and asked that we write a formal letter to Mayor Davalos to get his personal support for the project (Our letter official letter to Mayor Davalos has been delivered).
  • Transito informed us that our request for ‘speed reductors’ (also known as topes) for the Highway 200 crosswalk at Callejon de la Igualdad had been approved, and they would soon be installed.
  • Also discussed was ANA’s plan to clear and pave the sidewalk area on the west side of the highway.  We requested any highway improvement plans in the City files as a starting point, but were informed that the area falls under joint local, state and federal jurisdiction, so approvals could be complicated.  Nevertheless, our research & planning is officially underway.