Neighbors vs. Construction Crane: KNOCK OUT!

crane3The battle started a couple years ago – concerned neighbors on Upper Hortencias worried about the tons of concrete weights hanging over their heads and oscillating over the street might fall inflicting lethal damage to potentially anyone, anything.

In July, a  group of concerned neighbors made haste at the municipal president’s office urging him to act on our requests. ANA’s persistent administrator Oscar Magaña remitted a formal complaint just days before. That afternoon city officials went to the crane site to leave a citation. The project engineer was personally cited and ANA’s administrator was one of the witnessing parties on the citation.

Determined Residents Walk into UMA office
Determined Residents Walk into UMA office

Mr. Zepeda, a condominium (Las Moradas) administrator took the lead on this issue after the citation was served, and during the thirty days the engineer was given to comply or appeal, Mr. Zepeda – whom had initially raised the issue with city government two years ago- followed up with our requests.

During the first week of August, just days after the term had expired, Mr. Zepeda met with Municipal Judge, who acknowledged the time and effort invested in this and ordered the crane to come down.



crane1Gruas Navarro was commissioned to do the job and lo and behold the crane finally came down.

Look what we can accomplish working together!  Your ANA at work.