Planned Oversized Amapas Building Permit ANNULLED

brisa lunar view 12
View from Brisa Lunar

In June the Amapas Neighborhood Association and Junta Vecinal became aware of a new proposed condominium “Azure”, whose proposed height would adversely affect property values at current members Brisa Lunar and Monte Vista. The ANA contacted the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office in Guadalajara, requesting a review of the permit and any appropriate legal action.

In what we believe is a first in Amapas, The Prosecutor’s Office (PRODEUR) recently served notice that it had annulled ‘Azure’s construction license.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association and Junta Vecinal support responsible development in Amapas.  It is however, our mission to fight out of control development whenever possible:  when developers blow through established laws or restrictions, in a single-minded effort to make more money from a lot.  This hurts the neighborhood because of buildings which are out of scale, too tall, too big on the lot, or both.  We lose our character, our views, increase density beyond what the hills can support, and create ecological challenges regarding drainage, sewer and water capacity, green space and landslides.  Problems with traffic and access to the hills in the event of emergencies are also compromised.

Anything that goes up on that land now will need a new permit, subject to the Plan Parcial, which requires a smaller building footprint, greater greenspace, off-street parking, and new height and density limits.

This is an ongoing problem and a major reason why the ANA is seeking to obtain a “Visto Bueno” (pre-approval of all permits) authority for Amapas. The fight continues.