New Private Security Patrol for Amapas

sepepsa-logo123 JANUARY 2014 Puerto Vallarta:  On January 11, the Amapas Police Patrol car was totaled in a police chase.

The car, owned by the Amapas Neighborhood Association, was purchased with member contributions in June, 2012, and has been maintained with ANA funds. During its 18 months of service, break-ins throughout Amapas declined dramatically. The car patrolled Amapas 24/7 under a contract with the City, which promised to man it with two officers, gas and insure it.

Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the City had allowed its insurance on police cars to lapse. This means that neither the ANA car, nor other police patrols that are damaged are being put back in service.

The ANA is negotiating with the city for an in-kind settlement of value for the car in benefits for the neighborhood.  However, now there are no police cars to patrol Amapas.

Your Neighborhood Association has stepped up to this crisis by contracting with SEPEPSA – a well-recognized and effective local Security company – to provide an interim Amapas Security Patrol beginning today.

The Amapas Security Patrol will operate nightly, cruising all our streets. The driver will speak English, be in radio contact with Police HQ so it can call for official backup and law enforcement. It will also carry a cellphone, so ANA members and contributors can call it directly, in case of emergency. (ANA 2014 members may obtain the number by writing to

The cost to the ANA for this emergency Security patrol will be approximately $25,000 pesos a month, for a total of $75,000 pesos for the three month period before new police cars are expected to arrive for the city. At the ANA’s Annual Meeting last Friday, generous members approved this expenditure and contributed an amazing $42,000 pesos in cash and pledges, leaving an additional $33,000 to be raised through additional contributions by members and neighbors.

Everybody in Amapas benefits from this new Amapas Private Security Patrol. Anything you can contribute will help:

ONLINE: contribute your share online at Just type “ANA Security Patrol” in the “what you are paying for” box, enter the amount in dollars you wish to contribute, and pay with your U.S. credit card. The site is secure, and you’ll receive an e-receipt, along with our thanks.

You can email your pledge to – we’ll get in touch with you and make arrangements to donate via cash or Mexican check to the ANA.