This year’s Pulpito Drag Derby was held on Thursday, May 26, kicking off Vallarta Pride’s climactic weekend of parties, parades and events, and doubling attendance from the previous year.

Volunteers helped backstage, ran our seven crazy Challenges, and sold T-shirts, beer, water, and bets on who would be the $5,000 peso First Prize winner.

Our expenses, itemized below, including a $5,000 peso donation to local charity S.E.T.A.C., totaled $96,201.20 pesos.  Income, including sponsorships for the overall event, Challenges, and individual Drag Contestants, totaled $149,070 pesos, leaving us with a net profit of $52,868.80.

A heartfelt thank-you to our volunteers, and for your participation and support!

See you at next year’s Pulpito Drag Derby –

The Pulpito Drag Derby 2016 Organizing Committee


Stage, Talent and Meetings:             $  5,924.00

Equipment Purchases & Rentals:    $19,011.00

Manager & Labor:                              $  8,800.00

T-Shirt Purchase:                                $14,000.00

Challenges & Props:                          $10,961.00

Posters & Advertising:                      $  2,200.00

Beverage Costs:                                 $  5,955.20

Prizes & Awards:                                $24,350.00

S.E.T.A.C. Contribution:                     $  5,000.00

TOTAL EXPENSES:                  $96,201.20 PESOS


Sponsorships:                                  $80,000.00

Drink & T-Shirt Sales:                     $32,070.00

Bet Sales:                                         $37,000.00

TOTAL INCOME:                            $149,070.00 PESOS

NET PROFIT:                                   $52,868.80 PESOS