A proposed new seven-story condo tower at the end of Calle Pilitas, where it intersects with Pino Suarez (on paper, anyway) threatens the location of the stairway that historically connected Amapas residents near the highway with neighbors on Pilitas and provided pedestrian access to the beach.


The stairs were destroyed during the construction of 212 Pilitas several years ago and, despite the developer’s promises to neighbors, never rebuilt.

Now, ANA is working with neighbors, including the San Franciscan, Escondido and Canada Romantica condominiums, to get City permission to rebuild the Pilitas Stairs.  We need neighborhood residents’ signatures as proof that we care about the stairs and support their reconstruction.

Stop by the ANA office at 111/3 Rodolfo Gomez, in the Hotel San Marino – across from Barra Light and The Coffee Cup – and sign the petition!  
Call 322-223-8312 for more information.  Do it today!

Neighbors, residents tourists of Puerto Vallarta : Save our Calle Pilitas Stairway! Salvemos nuestro andador