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Hortensias Repaving Report

Hello, and thanks for your contribution to ANA’s Hortensias Repaving Project! Thanks to you, ANA met our $200,000 peso goal to pay for materials and supervision for constructing a pair of grooved cement tracks from the highway intersection, up to the fork in the road just below La Cima I, where it connects with Gardenias. […]


Hortensias Paving

The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has been working with Puerto Vallarta’s municipal government to pave cement tracks on Calle Hortensias (entrance to Gardenias and Hortensias condos) from Highway 200 to the fork at La Cima 1. ANA has obtained a commitment from City Hall to provide the labor and equipment – about half the total […]

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Hortensias Street

Hortensias is an important and sloped street providing access to much of upper Amapas. It is built with cement and rocks and has a lot of potholes.  During the rainy season it is very slippery. The first part of the street that connects to 200 high way is narrow, and has an almost 90° turn […]