Lately, we’ve all been noticing uncollected trash piling up around town – not to mention on our streets and driveways – and thinking, ‘Here we go again!’

But this may actually be a sign of better things to come.

A number of City administrations have wrestled with a long-term contract signed by a former mayor, giving Proactiva an expensive monopoly on trash collection.  These struggles have resulted in extra costs, delays in service, etc.

However, the Davalos administration has managed to bring all this to a close.

Last week, the Proactiva contract was finally terminated, employees were let go, and at least some trash collection trucks were returned to City control.

What we are experiencing now – hopefully, temporarily – is the less-than-smooth change-over as Puerto Vallarta’s City Services takes control of all trash collection.  That means hiring, or re-hiring, drivers and workers, etc.

This week, and for the first few weeks of January, City Services will attempt to continue the ‘old’ pickup schedule – the one we’re all used to.  Between the change-over, the backlog, and the holidays, it probably won’t be pretty.

Viviana Teston, our ANA Administrator, has been on the phone, advising and reminding City Services that they’re falling farther and farther behind in our area – unfortunately, that’s all we can do for now.

And, of course, the timing couldn’t be worse for visiting tourists.

But, as soon as City Hall formalizes new routes, pickup schedules and rules, we’ll advise you via email updates like this one, and posts on our website and Facebook.  And we’ll inform your Administrators, as well. It’s hard to look for the silver lining as you step over piles of uncollected trash on your way to dinner or the beach, but, this time, there may actually be one!

ANA will keep you posted.