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Hola Villas Loma Linda Board and Administrator! It is with a huge sigh of relief and the deepest appreciation that I write this note to all of you. On behalf of the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) Board, I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your work with us during this pandemic. Who would have known that the world would turn upside down and life as we knew it would be so disrupted? Life continues, but it is so very different. All of us are adjusting and trying to figure out what our next steps are.

ANA has adopted an austerity budget that will get us through February, which will be our next annual general meeting. As a non-profit organization we have been dependent upon the various fundraisers we hold throughout the year to supplement the funds we bring in through membership. Recognizing that our ability to hold fundraisers will be significantly impaired as a result of the pandemic and the decreased number of returning visitors, we have had to think outside the box. We greatly appreciate that the VLL Board has worked with us and only charged us for the electricity we use and not expected rent from us, as well. That was a huge relief and we appreciate it.

We look forward to the time when we can meet, gather, and enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to the time when we can see each other as friends and colleagues as opposed to a possible infection. We look forward to having the ANA office be a place where members of the community gather and discuss issues. We will all get through this pandemic as long as we work together and trust each other to keep each other safe.

Thanks for trusting us.

Sylvia Toy, President
Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) and Amapas Junta Vecinal