We have more big plans for the coming year, so we’re asking for your continued support. Despite our ever-growing ‘to-do list’, we’ve held Individual Membership to $1,300 pesos = $100USD, and Full Building Membership dues at $1,100 pesos/unit.

It’s been a busy year for the ANA and our members –

■ We’ve worked closely with the police to maintain regular Amapas Police patrols, and crime reports in our neighborhood are at an all-time low.

■ We’re continuing the fight for Responsible Development by joining forces with the Poligono Desarrollo Controlado (PDC) – a new association of the six strongest, most powerful neighborhood associations in Centro and the Romantic Zone.

■ We leveraged our relationship with City Hall and the contributions of neighboring members to repave a bad section of Callejon de la Igualdad and repair its bridge.

■ We installed first-time-ever street signs – Los Pinos, Hortensias, etc. — on the Highway.

■ We put out twenty Big Blue Trash Barrels on the highway and around the colonia.

■ Partnering with Individual and Full Buildings Members Las Moradas and Selva Mar, we paved the part of Calle Gardenias that has been either a dust-bowl or a mud hole.

■ We successfully pressured City Hall to take down the construction crane that had loomed over Calle Hortensias, Villas de las Colinas II and other members for five years.

■ We’re currently clearing roadside brush and rebuilding neighborhood stairways.

All these improvements, large and small, are the result of the active participation, annual dues, and other contributions of our 350 members and their spouses & partners.

You can renew online via PayPal, or in person at our office in Ron Morgan Properties, #509 Olas Altas, across the street from The Palm – just ask for our Administrator, Oscar Magana.

If you’re a Full Building Member, be sure to check with your HOA President or Administrator to be sure renewal arrangements are being made for your building.

If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to me email me (president@amapaspv.com), or our Administrtor, Oscar Magana (admin@amapaspv.com).